Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Opreating management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Opreating management - Assignment Example hin the business, the work role and responsibilities of the operations department is deemed to impose considerable impact upon business in any industry sector. Notably, operations management can be defined as form of management approach which deals with the aspect of designing along with controlling the production procedures within a business. It is apparent that operations management is regarded as one of the most significant sections of a business in the modern day context. It will not be ambiguous to depict that success or failure of any business in the present day context is immensely dependent on the efficiency of its operational domain (Bamford & Forrester, 2010). This particular discussion will outline the operations management process of a particular company i.e. McDonalds operating in the Lincoln Street of UK. It is evident that McDonalds is amid the most successful brands in the global fast food industry and its operations are spread worldwide. The company has a long historical background associated with it. The company has always been keen towards strengthening its manufacturing and logistic process. The operations of the company in the UK region have been considered quite successful owing to the efficient supply and operating network of the company throughout the country (Bamford & Forrester, 2010).. However, this particular assignment will mainly focus on depicting the operations management process of the company operating in the location of Lincoln Street. A transformation model is a particular framework that helps the management of business to comprehend the current scenario of the business and mitigate any fault or weaknesses existing thereon (The Center for Organizational Design, 2012). The model intends towards reducing the complexity for companies in business decision making. This aspect also corresponds with the scenario of the operations of McDonalds operating in the Lincoln Street of UK. Similar to other branches of McDonald’s, this unit

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